Indonesian Parliament Members Demand to Stop Showing of Film "His Only Son"

Indonesian Parliament Members Demand to Stop Showing of Film "His Only Son"

JAKARTA, LELEMUKU.COM -  Indonesian parliamentarians have called for the screening of the film "His Only Son" to be halted. 

Deputy Chairman of the VIII Commission of the Indonesian Parliament (DPR), Ace Hasan Syadzily believes that the story in the film does not align with the Islamic version of the story of Prophet Ibrahim.

"The circulation of the film 'His Only Son' in Indonesia should be stopped or banned. The narrative of this film is full of controversy. The content of this film does not match the understanding of the history of Prophet Ibrahim (AS), which is generally believed by Muslims in Indonesia," he said in a press release on Tuesday, September 12, 2023.

The film "His Only Son," produced in the United States, was released in Indonesian theaters on August 30. The film is inspired by the story of Abraham in the Christian Bible. God tested Abraham's faith through a dream, instructing him to sacrifice his only son, Isaac (the son of Abraham and Sarah), on Mount Moriah.

According to Ace Hasan Syadzily, the film could mislead Muslims because Islam believes that Prophet Ibrahim had two sons, namely Prophet Ismail and Prophet Ishak. Ismail, the son of Ibrahim and Hajar, is not recognized in this film.

"If the circulation of this film is intended for a limited audience with specific religious beliefs, we can still understand it. But if this film circulates widely, it will lead to a misguided understanding of history according to the Islamic faith in Indonesia," Ace said.

The Golkar politician explained that Ismail is an important figure in Islam because he is considered to be the ancestor of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), the messenger of Islam.

"If the understanding portrayed in this film becomes widespread, it is essentially equivalent to negating the connection between Islamic teachings and the history of Prophet Ibrahim (AS)," Ace stated.

Therefore, Ace has requested that the film "His Only Son" be prohibited from screening in this country's theaters and banned from any platform. The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of the Republic of Indonesia (Kominfo) should also intervene.

"As a result, I request that the relevant parties withdraw the circulation of this film from theaters in Indonesia, including various film screening media in Indonesia. I also urge Kominfo to conduct an assessment of the circulation of this film," Ace said. (Evu)

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